To be a gift
you must be present…
not a perfect present,
a present perfectly real.
Show me you,
the unique you God made.
Show me strength
that bends
instead of brittle, breaking.
Show me love
that can share my sorrow,
not only my joy.
Don’t just show me what you think,
show me what you feel.
Please don’t show me
what you own
and in the showing reveal
what owns you.
Oh, be owned
most definitely be owned.
But be owned
by the ultimate sacrifice,
the ultimate present,
the giver of life.
Be the gift
by giving yourself
to the present.

©Joel Tipple


B Present for Christmas

I want to (b) present for Christmas,
I think that would be better than (a).
A person can be so focused on the future
that he forgets about today.
Each morning I open up the present
of a sound mind focused on Jesus.
The gift of our Lord given to save our souls,
the Bible says is guaranteed us.

© Joel Tipple